Rishi Dastidar

Risk Patterns (selected)


We like the idea of the South.
Until it knocks on our door.


The thing that really pulled me up:
half the country has fled. 50%, gone,
in less than two years.

Did all of them choose to do that?
Is it actually a choice when someone
shoves a gun in your face and says �go�?


You know we�re an island, right?
How do you think most people
got here first? They didn’t fall
from the trees, like some monkey-shaped
conker, or spring up fully formed
from the heather. Some sort of sea crossing
may have been involved.


I have recurring dream,
in which I stand on the table
at the dinner party I’m attending,
say �I’m an immigration jihadist.
Let them all in. Let’s start the
Throw Open All The Doors Party.�
I wake up, and silently chide myself
for being braver asleep than awake.


I am an expat.

You are a refugee.

They are a migrant.


Naming the programme Mare Nostrum.
The fucking cheek. It�s their sea too.


You know the continent
is ageing rapidly? Dying in fact.
Who do you think is going to come
and look after your parents, seeing
as you don�t do extended families?

And this is the welcome you give
to the people who will be keeping
your show on the road.


Refuge is not just a place.
It’s a state of mind.
A state of hope.



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