Susan Castillo


Some say they’re swarms of vermin,
insects gnawing at our green complacent lawns,
spongers cadging handouts,
migrants coming here to Take Our Jobs.

Crammed within dark holds of ships,
they fight to breathe until no air remains.
The little children float upon the foam, wash up onto the beach,
their arms and legs pale swaying branches.



  1. Letter to a Syrian mother

    If I were you, and you were me,
    How different both our lives would be.
    You’d lay your baby in his bed
    And gently kiss his drowsy head,
    You’d tidy up his books and toys
    The coloured pens he so enjoys.
    You’d make yourself a meal to eat
    Sit down a while and rest your feet.
    You’d call your friends and all the while
    Think back upon your day and smile,
    You’d have a home, still standing strong,
    Secure and safe, the whole day long.
    And what if I were in your shoes?
    And knew that I would have to choose,
    To live each day in constant fear
    The bombs and bullets, always near.
    Or else, to leave, pack up my boy,
    No room for photos, keepsakes, toys…
    To carry him in aching arms
    And try to keep him safe from harm.
    To hear his hungry, desperate cries,
    To see the anguish in his eyes.
    To stay or leave, a painful choice
    Just one of many, with no voice.
    But fellow mother, I have heard,
    I’ve listened to your every word,
    I want to help you all I can
    To help your boy grow to a man,
    And so I send a coin or two,
    With love and prayers for both of you

    Please consider making donations as well as signing petitions, I believe UNICEF helps in Syria, link below x

    Donations by SMS
    We also accept donations by SMS text message. If you would like to make an SMS donation to Unicef’s work for children then simply text the word UNICEF to 70099 to give £5.

    Texts cost £5 plus one standard network rate text message. Unicef will receive 100% of your donation. By texting you consent to future contact from Unicef.

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