James Bell

we are human

it may come as a surprise
but let us discuss similarities
that make us the same as you

we run on two legs from tear gas
that cause our binocular eyes to water –
like yours, but maybe not blue

the same opposable thumbs allow us
to climb any barrier in desperation –
only one of our many emotions

that are akin to deep despair
buoyed up every morning by renewed hope –
probably not your own daily experience

being human we know we have been duped
by crooks who took our money –
has that happened to you too?

the realisation is hard to take sometimes –
we are out of order for not
following some international rules

and for this are not wanted
even although our homes are destroyed
our loved ones live in terror

or are now dead because
we are human – often young and
despised for wanting the same things

only want some basic human needs –
smart phones are not a luxury
they help us to keep in touch – we are only human



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