Marigold Roy


Two days out, praise the Lord, and you
feel the power of it like a live thing
you packed so close you move as one
held in the heat
the shimmering edge of the sea curved around you,
so vast you fear you could
fall off the edge of it
and you so small and wedged so tight
begin to lose sight of where you end
and another begins

Two days in silence and prayer,
the sun beating down merciless
until the long fingers of night
reach down and hold you,
cool until the sunrise

Until God lets loose the wind and
the storm splits the morning,
the sky cries hot stinging tears
and you feel the jagged teeth of the waters
the grasp and slip and snatch of the undertow
the savage bite of the waves

And you see Mbutu
his outstretched hands, his glistening eyes,
his face wet with tears or rain
as the waters reach up hungry for him
as he falls, sinks swiftly,
swallowed by the sea

And you’re left alone
wedged so tight you barely breathe
all that is you spilling out after him
on the vastness of the ocean

World without end



  1. Another amazing poem from this website…this is particularly powerful in its use of ironic language and biblical reference to make an uncompromising point about such devastating loss of hope…

    Liked by 1 person

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