Aaron Wright

This Crisis 

This crisis 
Isn’t just 
About Isis 
Interfering foreign policy 
Ensures an exodus of the people 
By the people 
For the people 
Fleeing terror 
By deadly sea 
A harsh choice 
What would you do? 
Risk it all? 
Or stay and face 
The horror 
Of bullet and blade? 
Crossing stormy waters 
Survival is just the beginning 
The fight against prejudice 
Is a long hard journey 
The real battle is here at home 
Where papers peddle compassion 
In a bid to erase hateful headlines 
From yesterday 
“Immigration? Not in our backyard!” 
Memories grow short 
And they forget the merciless herding 
That their grandparents fought against 
As the emaciated faces of the displaced 
Peered from behind barbed wire 
Their expressions of horror 
Indelibly etched into History 
“Never again!” came the cry 
A broken promise echoed 
Down the generations 
“Never again!” comes the cry   
Yet still we question “why?”


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