Amina Marix Evans


In the night we left
Saying we were visiting my sister who was sick
Driving half way to nowhere
With a neighbour who knew
Someone who knew someone.

In the night we left
The children excited at first
at this rare adventure
But soon weary and whining

At dawn we met the man
who counted our money,
Eyed me and my daughter.
I drew her closer so the warmth of my body
would tell her what my tongue could not
That I was her bones,
Her flow my own and
Together we would face the world,

Even then my son felt a difference
Seeing his sister bigger and stronger
Did not see her soft spots
Could not understand her vulnerability
Nor the smell of my protection of her
My arm around him
Had a different ring.
Made him mostly want to shove it away
– til darkness fell and he could
Nuzzle up to me
Without being seen



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