Reception conditions for the refugees in Calais are worsening and there is an increasing death toll of refugees attempting to cross the channel from Calais to Dover. People are getting together all over the UK to send basic aid, that is not being provided in the holding camp in Calais. Writers are in the unique position to be able to express their concerns about the situation that the state does not seem to share.

Writers for Calais Refugees is an anthology in support of people seeking refuge.

The anthology is now closed for submissions. Thank you for your continued support and to all the writers that have sent their fantastic responses in, it’s been amazing. Please spread the word and keep checking in to see the two poets featured every day! I hope you agree the standard has been very high and that the writers have been putting into words your feelings about the plight of the refugees. 



  1. I would feel more comfortable participating if I knew something about the percentage of proceeds being donated, whether the organizers have any literary track record, etc. Sad to say, in almost any calamity there are people raising funds to assist, who sometimes never quite get around to sending those funds anywhere. Could you please elaborate on your plans and identity? Thank you very much.


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